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Thread: Display data in datagrid

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    Display data in datagrid

    How to display the data with field - "custname" beginning only with "S" in datagrid

    NOTE : [This question was asked by Mudduswamy, I am posting it in proper forum]

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    Re: Display data in datagrid

    use the query

    SELECT * FROM cust WHERE custname LIKE 's%';

    to select custname starting with s.

    Fill the dataset with those records and populate the datagrid.

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    Re: Display data in datagrid


    I am sending the code for your requirement. First u need to import the namespace.

    Write the follwing code in Form_Load

    Dim cn as new SqlConnection("connectionstring")
    Dim da as new SqlDataAdapter("select custname from customers where custname like 's%'", cn)
    Dim ds as new DataSet

    If it is not working please inform to me.....

    hari prasad

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