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Thread: How to store a File in Databes?

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    How to store a File in Database?

    How to store a file in database. for example if i am upload one resume in database the path will be stored but the information i can't see. any one can please solve this problem?

    Note :This is the question asked by a vistor visitro Rajeswari. I am posting this in proper forum.

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    Re: How to store a File in Databes?

    Try to store the file in a column with the data type of BLOB OR CLOB ....


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    Re: How to store a File in Databes?

    you want to store actual data from the file or just the file path???
    if u r storing data then prob. it will increase size of d db.
    instead i'll sugest u to follow these steps (to store only path)
    1.ask user to select the file to be uploaded
    2.copy that file to your application directory(created only to store d uploaded files)
    3.rename the file depending upon d username (u can us ur logic) store this new path (appdir/filename.ext)to the db.

    now u can easily show content of uploaded file from appdir/filename.ext

    Note : u must rename d uploaded file to avoid overwriting prob.
    consider i m uploading a.txt and 2mrow u r uploading a.txt then in this case u will be overwritting my file.

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