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Thread: Call WinRunner functions from QTP

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    Question Call WinRunner functions from QTP

    Hi guys

    Can anyone explain how to call a function defined in WinRunner script through QTP script

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Call WinRunner functions from QTP

    create any udf in wr,then put in compile mode and save it
    go to qtp ,insert call to wr function,select the wr program path
    assign function name given in wr
    then click in arguments field, enter any values
    click on ok
    script willbe generated automatically
    as far as iam concerned , we could not generate script by manually in qtp.
    if any thing is wrong , plz let me know.

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    Re: Call WinRunner functions from QTP

    Thanks Yagnkan I got it working...

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    Re: Call WinRunner functions from QTP


    I am New to Qtp tool.My project is Client Server application developed in Java.How to pick the data from the drop down list box. At the run time it does not capture the data in the record, because the QTP is unable to recognise the Drop down combo box. Is there any code for that (Descriptive programming).Can any one solve my problem plz. Java add ins loaded in the application. I compared all the properties using both the Object Repository and Object Spy. Thanks in advance.

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    Script for combobox

    Try these are:

    Method 1:

    JavaWindow("z! 3PL").JavaList("Air Dim Factors").Click "#0", "Unit", "Cubic Meters/Kilogram"

    method 2:

    try with "Select", like

    JavaWindow("z! 3PL").JavaList("Air Dim Factors").select "#0"

    Descriptive Program:

    Try this one:

    1: Browser("GapWeb - News - Home").Page("GapWeb - News - Home").WebList("favoritesCommand").Select "Vendor Profile"
    2: Browser("Title:=GapWeb - News - Home").Page("Title :=GapWeb - News - Home").Weblist("Name:=FavouritesCommand").Select "vendor"

    I have done this and it works fine jus' try n let me know if it wont work ..
    Identify the Browser ,Page & Weblist name thru object identification process

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