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    I am registering in a site ..At the end of registration in 'Image Verificatiaon' system asked to enter the six digits that are displayed in the image ....I entered the correct digits as shown by the system and clicked on Register

    System displayed the error as ' Incorrect digits entered' ..Please enter the six digits that are displayed in the image...

    What would be the issue that this error message is displayed though correct digits are entered..Pls do not say that i might have entered the wrong digits..I have entered the correct digits but still the error is displayed..What would be the reason ?

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    Re: Hi..

    Try to reproduce this bug, If it still exists, report it to respective developer.

    Brijesh Jain
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    Re: Hi..

    Hi Santhi_Madhu,

    This has happened to me when i try to watch online movies it asked me to enter four digit displayed in grid image.

    Even if i give the correct digits it says the code is wrong.Probably as Brijesh said it could be a problem with the host website.

    I found a link where there are codes for image verification in PHP

    User Authentication With Image Verification

    If you observe the code the "// write the random number
    imagestring ($image, 5, 5, 8, $rand, $textColor);"

    this piece of code indicates the numbers to input.The host website may be wrong in similar way of digits.


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