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Thread: detailed explanation for various check points

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    Lightbulb detailed explanation for various check points

    hi all,

    i am very new to testing field and basically i am from a non IT background ,so i am finding it difficult to understand some of the concepts.
    can any one please explain the different check points available in QTP 9.0
    Standard checkpoint
    Database checkpoint
    Bitmap checkpoint
    Text checkpoint
    Page checkpoint
    Table checkpoint
    XML checkpoint
    Accessibility checkpoint
    Image checkpoint
    many of them are not clear about these so please explain in detail so that it ll be helpfull to all.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: detailed explanation for various check points

    Standard checkpoint

    Just record the test and select the page in which you need to add standard check point.

    From the insert menu select standard checkpoint, page check point properties dialog form appears. By default before current step will be checked on click on ok. Page check point will be added to the page and if you run the test you can analyze the result.
    The load time, number of images and number of links will be shown and if there is any error it will be highlighted in the red color

    this is an ex for page check point.. i think it will be useful ... like this u try rest of the check points...


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    Re: detailed explanation for various check points

    Hi ,

    This question has been repeated for several times and you can browse answers through this geek link

    QTP - QTP Check Points
    QTP - QTP Bitmap Checkpoint


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