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Thread: Windows with same caption

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    Windows with same caption

    I am using Rational Robot for tetsing.
    I have a window1 with a caption say "setup".
    When I click on the "ok" button of the window1, another window pops up say window2 with the same caption as window1.
    Window 1 would be still running in the background.
    How does the Rational Robot script recognise the window2, as the captions for window1 and window2 are the same?

    Please help!!

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    Re: Windows with same caption

    From any of the Window "Setup" try to use SQAGetProperty and get any other information of
    that window ex Label.Then write a condition like,
    Window setContext "caption=Setup"
    SQAGetProperty("Label;Text=" ","Visible", State)
    By evaluating variable state you can distinguish between the same setup windows.

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    Re: Windows with same caption

    Hi for every object there will be an ID called as Object Id, so in your case the Object Id for both the windows will be different.
    Try out with the object id property.

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