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Thread: Will I ever get a job

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    Question Will I ever get a job

    I did my BSc and did a NIIT course together.Soon after my BSc degree I got a job placement thru NIIT as a project trainee.this was in 2000.I also started doing my MCA together along with my job thru correspondence..I was doing well but due to recession during the 2001....I cud not get settled in the company where I worked coz the entire department was dissolved.But then luckily I joined in a very small company which was started very recently then.I worked there for around 2 yrs..until I got a MCA degreee..but soon after that due to my marriage and my husband's job..we had to move abroad..Since all this happened in a very short period of time, my exit from my company was not very smooth.I just left the country abruptly .I dont have even a experience certificate or any releiving letter.Now after returning to India I came to know from one of my ex-colleagues that the company is closed and all the people have actually left the country to pursue their own career. Now I really need a job..but If i talk about my past experince I will be asked for all the papers that I dont have...Iam very depressed...I have registered in few job sites.....Iam terrified when I get calls from the companies or consultancies..what do i do..I have heard people faking things but I really dont want to take up the dishonest ways to prove my experience which was genuine..can somebdy pls tell me what do I need to do..should I just forget my 2 yrs experience and just show the 1 yr experience as project trainee alone...How do I proceed with this?

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    Re: Will I ever get a job

    hi friend..

    Do you have appointment order, id- card of previously worked concern. what about the salary???? was the salary credited in bank (previous concern)

    if you hold these things which i have listed, then it is very easy or else some what difficult


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