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    Test Case

    We have to design Test Cases for an Application which almost have same functionailty for all Users but application also consist other functionaility issues which is assign to only specific Users who have more rights in the Application like a Senior User can Approve and Modify his/her Junior task. So i m in confused that i should prepare Test Cases w.r.t User (Senior & Junior, Admin) or w.r.t. Functionailty. I m looking w.r.t User. Can anybody help me.

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    Re: Test Case

    For such functionality, there should be same TCs repeated for different scenarios. i.e. 1 scenario for each of Senior/Junior/Admin. If Senior logs in then what would happen, if Junior logs in what would happen and if Admin logs in, then what?

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    Re: Test Case

    Hi! i have just been appointed as the junior tester at my organisation know they need me to come with an idea case and my boss sent me this email below: please have a look at the attached spec and define how you would “test” the system and reports. Please define test cases and scenarios. " and provided me with this as a guide: handheld scanner setup/scanning sequence for exception scanning at onsite depots input type data captured type/format of data1.) select status scan menu selection field 2.) scan container number barcode scanning field 3.) type/capture locaction text field 4.) type/capture part number text field

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    Re: Test Case

    hi friend,

    For such an application, there should be a seperate test case for each scenario.

    For example, lets take an Airline Booking Tool.

    As a normal user you should not be able to login to the backoffice where the administrator has the access, then when the user (normal user) tries to login, an warning/error message "The access is denied ...", write the same test case for Junior and Administration and in the test case make sure what rights do they need to login as Junior and Administrator .

    Hope my answer is clear


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