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    hi .. friends..

    I am using QTP 9.0 version, I have a recorded test through the sample application present in built with QTP. The name of sample application is (new tours).. I have recorded the test and selected the page which i have recorded. The name of the page (Book a flight mercury) now i want to view the objects present in that page. So, i have selected object spy option through Tools > object spy. object spy form is displayed with no selected item and i have clicked hand button to select the object and view the object properties but my system's desktop alone can be viewed.

    friends is there any other method to select the object...please let me know.. immediately


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    After you click hand button, if only desktop is visible, then... hold control button on your keyboard, maximize the application window from the open applications on the start-up bar and release the control button to click on the object to view the properties.

    To get the application on its initial state, you can temporarily get rid of the hand pointer by holding Control button on the keyboard.

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