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Thread: question about useing Rational Robot to test installation

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    question about useing Rational Robot to test installation

    we are trying to use rational robot to test our application installation process. At the end of the installation, there is a "Installation complete" window to inform user the application has been installed successfully. We put code in robot scripts to close this window, but somehow rational robot is not in control when the installation starts, and we have to manually close that "Installation complete" window, then rational robot regains control back. We really want robot to finish the whole installation process. Is anyone know why this hanppens? and is there any way to make it work automatically? Thanks!

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    Re: question about useing Rational Robot to test installation

    You can do that using Rational Robot.
    First put focus on to your installer from robot by giving WindowsSetContext, "Caption=name of your window". GIve enough delay and then Try to click on the button by giving Pushbutton Click, "Text=Name of button" or Pushbutton Click, "ID="

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