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Thread: IN QTP, How to write the code ?

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    IN QTP, How to write the code ?

    In screen name X having on e list box with 3 values a,b,c . i need to print one value a or b or c?
    Where does using Split function in QTP

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    Re: IN QTP, How to write the code ?

    1. WebList
    Browser().Page().WebList().Select "#1"..............Index


    Browser().Page().WebList().Select "a"................Value

    2. Split

    a= "I have QTP Installed"
    b= Split(a," ")

    MsgBox b(2)...........OutPut >> QTP


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    Re: IN QTP, How to write the code ?

    ur Q is not very specific or m not getting it...

    if you want to get the values from a dropdown and print it then you can use
    1. do a getroproperty("all items")
    2. and then use the split with delimeter as ";"
    this will give you an array with all the elements in that dropdown and then play wid then as n how you want.

    Hope this will help you...

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