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Thread: recovery scenario

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    recovery scenario

    I would like to know the process for recovery scenarios.

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    Re: recovery scenario

    Recovery scenario is a sequence of instructions to the QTP script that helps it recover from an unexpected application state. Here, the details of the unexpected state, recovery method and post recovery activities need to be defined.

    Lack of WILL POWER has caused more failure than


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    Re: recovery scenario

    You can use the recovery scenario from the QTP menu which allows you to handle most of the exceptions logical or others . Only concern is it makes you r script run slow as after everystep it checks for the condition defined in the recovery scenario manager.
    the other wway to do that is handle it in code by writing the function in VBScript.
    I like the second approach as this is easy, fast and making changes is easy and you can write what you thin rather than relaying on the QTP's fixed menu.


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