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Thread: Should go for job or further studies?

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    Should go for job or further studies?

    i am a student of t.y.bsc comp. sci.(Mumbai uni.) i have got 87% in 12th, 85% in f.y, 91% in s.y and i have won consolation prize in eloucution competition at university level and i have anchored in several events in college and have organized 4-5 events as event incharge during college festivals . i have certificates of all these and i have good communication skills. Within a few months i will be appearing for campus interviews in college but i am confused whether i should go for a job or further studies either in msc comp. sci or mca.present situation in my house says me to go for job but i am not forced.
    can i do job as well as studies together and can u suggest me some other alternatives if possible.
    Thanks for ur kind help.

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    Re: Should go for job or further studies?

    Hi neha,
    If u get any job grab that opportunity.You can go for further studies while doing job also.

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    Re: Should go for job or further studies?

    Hi Neha,

    If u get a good job offer then u go for it. As u have good percentage im sure u will get a good offer.U can do ur higher education through distance education also.

    All the best

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    Re: Should go for job or further studies?

    If you have the chance to go for a job, that to via campus ,there can't be nothing better than that. Anyways you can continue your higher studies parallelly with your job also. You need to remember that only higher degrees only are not going to fetch any good job for you.

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