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Thread: Testing template

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    Testing template

    what is FURPS? AND what is TC Code SE 16?

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    Re: Testing template

    FURPS is an acronym representing a model for classifying software quality attributes (requirements):

    Functionality - Feature set, Capabilities, Generality, Security
    Usability - Human factors, Aesthetics, Consistency, Documentation
    Reliability - Frequency/severity of failure, Recoverability, Predictability, Accuracy, Mean time to failure
    hi friend...

    Performance - Speed, Efficiency, Resource consumption, Throughput, Response time
    Supportability - Testability, Extensibility, Adaptability, Maintainability, Compatibility, Configurability, Serviceability, Installability, Localizability, Portability
    The model, developed at Hewlett-Packard, was first publicly elaborated by Grady and Caswell. The + was later added to the model after various campaigns at HP to extend the acronym to emphasize various attributes.

    FURPS+ is now widely used in the software industry.

    and visit the link

    Answer Detail: RE: What is TC code SE16 and it's use.


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