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Thread: Run .EXE without VS.Net

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    Run .EXE without VS.Net

    what is serailisation.
    how many constuctor in a class?
    can i make a button on mdi form?
    can i run .EXE on other system who donot have How

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    Re: Run .EXE without VS.Net

    serialization is taking an object and converting it to something else, mostly a file, thus preserving it's state within it. Common serialization methods are binary and XML.

    A class can have as many overloaded constructors as you want.

    Yes you can add a button to an MDI form.

    Finally, yes they can run the executable without VS.NET as long as they have the proper version of .NET framework installed.

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    Re: Run .EXE without VS.Net

    Run .EXE without VS.Net
    u can run exe by just installing .net framework on client's pc


    so many constructors are possible with different argument ....
    there is no specific limit.......

    Hi I hope you need to go through OOP community.............

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