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Thread: Ideas Needed

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    Ideas Needed

    If the interviewer questions like what are the biggest frustrations one has faced in their career. Can someone suggest soem ideas to face such questions and answer.

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    Re: Ideas Needed

    Though the answer depends on each person's personal things faced in their career. I would like to suggest that whatever be the answer one must project or focus it in such a way there is a learning or a positive aspect oen had got from it. This would put a good view about the person to the interviewer.

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    Re: Ideas Needed

    REMEMBER ,this is a very tricky questions.

    The interviewer wants to check whether u r suitable for handling jobs under pressure.He wants to check can u handle a tough situation(for company,etc).

    If you start telling the truth that u were frustuated these many times, then

    interviewer will simply give 'A' for ur honesty but 'F' for ur interview.
    So allways try to be positive.

    Good luck

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    Re: Ideas Needed

    Really good answer "vmshenoy".

    Brijesh Jain
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