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Thread: Resume Writng Tips

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    Resume Writng Tips


    Could some one share tips on writing good resume... I already have a resume but when I applied for job.... it didn't work well...

    I know there are lot of resume help sites.. but none of them are in plain English to help..

    Thanks in advance..


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    Re: Resume Writng Tips

    Though there are various things to consider while framing a resume. Some of the most vital things one has to cnsuder while framing a resume are given blwo. They are:
    Keep the point in nutshell. That is convey the things crisp and to the point but well informed.
    Given the communication address,conatct numbers,email address clearly
    Focus and highlight on the achievments made by you.
    Include all achievments that is which includes both career related,education related and extra-curricular activities also
    Give all the educational qualifications achieved by you yearwise
    Menion the skill sets which you are aware off and also mention the skill set in which you are proficient.

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