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Thread: What certification should i go for?

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    What certification should i go for?

    Hello everyone,

    I m an IT graduate( B.E in IT)

    Currently I m working as web developer in Asp.Net 2.0 using c#.

    Its been 5 months that i've been working as a web developer.

    Now suddenly i m finding out that i m not enjoying programming too much,

    and at the same time i m not upto the demand too.

    so i m planning to switch my career into something else.

    Is there anyway i can work in web development company without the role

    of programmer?

    secondly i am planning to switch my career to computer networks instead?

    so what certification should i go for if i need to do this?

    i've heard about CCNA,Microsoft certificates,Network etc etc.

    which one is the best?

    plus Is there any other computer fields that i could go for?

    I m in all sorts of confusion.

    anyone has a suggestion?

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: What certification should i go for?

    dear there,
    better u do MCTS and CCNA for ur upcoming carrier

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