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    Re: Attachments shown empty

    QC will attach empty files when there is no space at the server. You will have to contact the QC DB admin and ask to empty some space. That works most of the time. Sometimes, its the connectivity...
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    Re: quality center

    I have installed Quality Center on Vista Home Premium version. I had to install the AddIns and works for now though not completely functional ie I could not get the export wizard to run all the 9...
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    Attachments shown empty

    I am attaching screen shots taken in word document and sometimes it attaches as an empty file in QC.
  4. "Next" Button not working while mapping for export from excel to QC for Test

    Hi, i am using vista - quality center 9.0 - excel 2003.i have downloaded all addins and done the connectivity as well. Now when i try to export excel test case to quality center it reaches to the 5th...
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