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    Re: How to Write Test Cases?

    Both should be referred
  2. Re: Testable and Non-testable requirement question?

    A good requirement is one which is unambiguous and clearly specifies the behavior and they are called functional requirements.
    Sometimes a requirement can be very interpretive and do not specify...
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    Re: Shortage of Testing Time

    The decision on what to be done when have shortage of time depends on what you are testing.
    1. If you are testing a Critical software functionality and a Major product release - failure of which...
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    Re: Web Based Checklist

    1.1 Site
    A. Easy to use
    B. Instructions are simple and clear. Additionally, test that instructions are correct (i.e. if you follow each instruction does the expected result occur?)
    1.2 Site map or...
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    Re: Interview Question

    In order to test any product, you need requirements first so that you have a baseline against which to validate the application behavior. Once you have the requirements, you can document what/how to...
  6. Re: Interview Question: Describe your Testing Philosophy

    I think it is just another funky term came to Interviewer's mind :-) "Testing Philosophy", "Test Methodology", "Testing Approach" the all mean the same at a product testing level. Probably your...
  7. Re: Export test cases from QC test lab folder to Word doc

    You can use the Document generator utility present in the Tools Menu to export Test sets from Test Lab. You have the options to select All or Particular test and also options to select what needs to...
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    Re: Quality Center ALM 11

    I am using ALM. Below is a detailed info on Changes from QC 9.2 to 11. I have no idea about QC integration to RRP.

    •Name of the application is changed from Quality Center (QC) to Application...
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    Re: Credit Card payment page test case

    1. UI Validations (Page/Field Level, Tab Order, dropdown values, Page Back/Forward Navigation, Look and Feel for consistency with rest of the pages in application, Text Font, Size, Justification,...
  10. Test cases for Credit Card Transaction Authorization

    Does anyone has standard test case scenarios for Credit Card Transaction Authorizations? I am looking for scenarios like Credit Limit, Amount over Daily Limit etc.

    Response will be much...
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    Sticky: Re: Guidelines for Manual Testing

    Good one..Helps a lot
  12. Sticky: Re: If test case required for testing always post test scenario.

    Completely agreed with Brijesh. Any member who is looking for answers to a specific subject must explain the actual problem he/she is facing. It will others to understand the topic and they can...
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    Re: Testing POS system

    You can write test cases keeping following scenarios in mind

    1. POS' Ability to Read a Card - There are various types of cards in the industry today. (Magnetic Stripe, CAV, etc)
    2. Messaging...
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