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    Oracle Re: Fetch Records

    hey there,
    Well the answer given above is the good answer i mean that will help u out
    select deptno from employee where deptno=13
    select deptno from employee where deptno <>13

    If the...
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    Oracle Data Gathering

    hello everyone there!

    i need ur help for extracting data for complete month.
    supposingly i have maintained data on daily basis like feb01,feb02...............feb29. but now i want to join the...
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    Oracle Re: Planning to go for DBA course.

    Hey there!!!!!!!
    This is a good stream for you if u r not interested in the programming part or in other words take it its not necessary for u to know programming.
    The DBA course had 3 fields...
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    Switch between windows in C++ screens

    hello everyone.

    need ur help. i want to know how can we switch between windows in our c++ screens by using the arrow keys. i tried to do something on my part but was not successuful. below is the...
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    SQL Re: Joining Tables and mapping columns

    hey m not clear with your question can you explain it bi tmore plz

    reet dhiman
  6. Thread: hi.......

    by reet_dhiman

    Re: hi.......

    hello paluri, how are you? i hope u find this site good. though this is a good way to interact but paluri these threads are problem solving and not meant for conversation. you are new on this site so...
  7. SQL Re: How can I add the locations to the existing members

    this can be done by simply updating the table
  8. SQL Re: Delete values in single a row without using DELETE keyword.

    well yeah the update will change the values to null a sort of delete but when u ll view the table still that row exists so that does not implies that anything got deleted. still a good attempt
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    SQL Re: tell me the query using joins and count!

    hello ramesh ,
    try if the fllowing can help ur problem.

    select adid a,adid r, count(r.responses),title a from advertisement
    a,responses r where a.adid=r.adid group by a.adid.

    if u get the...
  10. Oracle Re: Error has occured "ARRAY cannot be constrained"

    by applying the statement
    set array[size]
    this ll change the size of the array
  11. Oracle Re: Error has occured "ARRAY cannot be constrained"

    well by defaul the size of array is 20 so may be it is related to it. v can change the size of the array
  12. Oracle Re: Inserting nextval after sequence has reached maximum value

    i mean ll return a error. hope u get that
  13. Oracle Re: Inserting nextval after sequence has reached maximum value

    well innila gave the correct reply. if the paramater for returning to the starting value is off then an error will be there else if cycle is present then it ll start from the beginning value. like...
  14. Oracle Re: I want to retreive only first record from the specified table

    in agreement with moderator. only with the help of where clause we can restrict the rows how come without using it. still if somehow u get a way out of it do let me know .
    all the best
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    SQL Re: Please solve this problem

    may be ur confused with the trunc and round function. coz only with trunc 32 can be the solution but not with round.
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    SQL Server - Re: How to view the structure of the table

    hey will
    desc table_name not help this out?
  17. Re: Some ideas about the major project in C++

    thank u govind for ur lovely suggestion. we thought of one more thing thats can v convert sound into text using the c++ language. if it is possible can i get to know how plz.
  18. Some ideas about the major project in C++

    I am looking forward for the help to get some ideas about the major project in C++.

    Can I get idead on which theme should i move forward.

    plz do reply. Geek interview has always helped me out...
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    mozilla alert message

    hello friends ! i have a problem. the alert msg written below occurs, whenever i click on the mozilla shortcut, so what is the solution to it? kindly help
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    Task manger

    hello everyone!:)
    what problem can be there in your pc that the task manager i snot able to work? i mean when u press alt+crl+del nothing appears but a message that consult your administartor about...
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    Windows Re: Speed is very slow...

    hello shivender, i too have XP with me
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    Windows Re: Speed is very slow...

    Manojk Hi,
    thanks a lot for ur information. i think this ll help me out. But i have tried most of the things from this. ll u plz help me out i mean is this problem related to the antivirus i have...
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    Windows Speed is very slow...

    hello friends!

    plz find a solution to this i tried a lot many things but was not able to find the exact solution........... i own a compaq presario laptop, its speed i very slow, i mean a lot...
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    Re: Introduction

    hello everyone,
    this is Reet Dhiman this side. presently pursuing my B.Tech degree(CSE) as a 3rd year student. i joined this community to overcome lot many doubts that go through the day long in my...
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    Re: Group Discussions

    hello sir, its a very gr8 idea to start the gd's online. i believe that it will prove beneficial. the topics for gd can be like:

    1. Ads and Fads impress the youth.
    2. Global warming.
    3. The...
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