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    Re: QC installation problem

    Can you please specify the IE version & OS on the system you are trying to install QC.
    Also the QC version.
  2. Re: while creating a new domain error message is displayed

    was another session of QC admin was open our your same machine???
  3. Re: Converting Testing Requirements in Excel to Test Lab

    you need to make a couple of changes to the excel sheet. I mean it has to be in the format,that QC wud understand.
    Also i hope you have downloaded the excel add-in from the tools->add-ins page.
  4. Answers

    Re: Test Director and Word Add-in

    check the macro setting for word on your system. tools->macro->security.
    change the security level...should be fine.
  5. Re: Changing file asociations for opening attachments

    can you please mention a bit more,as to what you are trying out?
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    Re: Copy Paste and attachments Issue

    hi ... if you hav logged in as the admin,it shud work. Please go to tools->customize->groups....Check the permissions for that admin group.
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    Re: How to backup excuted test script

    i believe taking back up of the repository folder or the bin folder where QC is intalled should be fine.
  8. Re: Testdirector installation problem on Win Vista Ultimate/home premium

    Only yesterday i solved the issue for an QC 9.2 user.
    He had Vista.YEs QC 9.2 has some issues with vista. Please make sure you have admin rights on the desktop ,u r trying to install QC.

    Let me...
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