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  1. The need for a business analyst certification

    Careers in business analysis have seen an enormous demand and are among the fastest growing industries. An individual is required to possess innate ability to shine in this particular stream. You may...
  2. Online Certification in SAS Programming at Imarticus

    Certification in SAS Programming (CISP) is a comprehensive, short-term program that provides aspirants with a thorough understanding of SAS for careers in Data Analytics. It includes instructor led...
  3. Specialized Course in Business Analysis to propel your career in the BFSI Sector

    The Business Analysis Certified Professional (BACP) program at Imarticus Learning is designed for careers in Business Analysis across various functions like Technology, Operations and Finance. This...
  4. Online Certification in R Programming at Imarticus Learning

    The Certification in R Programming is designed for skill enhancement and career advancement in the areas of Data Science and Business Analytics. This two month, online certification program has been...
  5. Doing a certified financial analyst course in India

    The work of a financial analyst is to facilitate decision-making regarding investments by businesses as well as individuals. To meet the financial goals of an organization they come up with different...
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    Re: Business Analyst Certification Exams

    IIBA has two level of certifications available for Business Analysis;CBAP, for more experienced Business Analysts with at least 7,500 hours of BA work and CCBA, is for someone with lesser experience...
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    Re: I would like to become a Business Analyst

    Hello Anand,

    IIBA survey shows that certification has a very strong impact on salary. There is an approximate 10 percent increase in salary for business analysts who have achieved the Certified...
  8. Leadership- An important organizational aspect

    It has been said that a “a good leader can make a success of a weak business while a poor leadership ruins even the best plan”. That is why developing effective leadership is considered as a key...
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    Re: I would like to become a Business Analyst

    Most employers require candidates to have a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field, but some prefer candidates with a master's degree.

    Step 1: Get a Bachelor's Degree...
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