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    Re: Testing Effort Estimation

    Hi Rahul
    There are lot of factors involved in LOE for QA
    1. Size of the project
    2. Complexity of the business rules
    3. The Process followed by the organisation
    4. Risks to considered

    have to...
  2. Data Warehousing - Re: I need to know how to create a cube in powerplay

    Best way to create cub with excell is.. first create a table in db with the same columns of excell and define the proper datatypes and import the excell data to the db.

    Now use the db as ur...
  3. Data Warehousing - Re: Is there any significance of testing the BO report

    Some time we need to test the BO reports, to ensure the data was pulled currectly.
    Like if the universe is not built properly.. then report may not be having the proper data as per rewuirement.
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