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  1. Re: what is the diffrence between oracle dba and oracle devolepler?

    DBA most probably manage database transformation.

    Developer creates coding for the front end application.
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    Re: MySQL vs. SQL Server?

    MySql is an open source technoloy.
    SQL server is a product of Microsoft
  3. Windows Re: Repair Corrupted Windows Operating System

    well you can Insert the windows installation cd and boot the system in repair mode and just browse the I386 folder in cd drive and copy the copy the file you want the replacement for corrupted file....
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    Re: C is which type of language. Why?

    C is strongly typed language because Sometimes "strongly typed" is used loosely to mean "statically typed", and "weakly typed" is used incorrectly to mean "dynamically typed". A better use for...
  5. Unix/Linux Re: Interview questions for desktop support engineer

    I think you should use Team viewer's Remote support tool. It Has One of the best feature with easy accessibility and wide multi platform support.
    It will surely solve your problem.
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    Re: it company placement criteria

    Yes I get you there right because I also do fall in the same cadre. so I think you should not look for the amount of salary you are paid as a fresher. Just manage to get an entry in any small...
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    Re: Testcases in manual testing

    Well sandhya It is not so easy to learn testing on your Unless you have some basic understanding of manual testing and various test cases considered. You should have a tutor to guide you practically...
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    Re: Workgroup & Domain

    work group is an independent microsoft network.
    domain is a network resource managed by active directory policies.
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    Re: Internet Process

    when we submit a website request, then mapping of domain name to ip address takes place through either iterative or recursive resolution on domain server. After getting ip address , a HTTP request is...
  10. Re: Question of the Day : Job Interview - Good form of behavior

    Interview is all about screening your knowledge awareness and the level of confidence in you.
    So talk wisely and confidently.
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    Re: Networking Questions

    Kerberos is a distributed authentication service that allows a process running on behalf of a user to prove its identity to a verifier an application server, or just server without sending data...
  12. Information Technology Re: Difference between IT and Computer Engineering

    Yes, I too agree with charlmartin13. IT is completely inclined to software development as it includes most of in-depth programming paradigms. And Computer includes both software and hardware part and...
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    Re: Connect two Computers

    IP address is required for routing of packets from one network to another network i.e., at network layer. whereas mac address is used at the data link layer of the OSI model responsible for exactly...
  14. Re: Software Development Companies in India

    Yes, You are right in those terms and i can say that today India is at its best when it comes to skilled IT manpower availability. Indian companies are rapidly expanding their business and preparing...
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    Windows Re: WINDOWS 7 VS XP

    windows 7 is best because of the variant features it offers.
  16. Re: How to get familiarity with Rational Robot in short Span

    It is a big software but not so complicated after your get familiar with it. I suggest you to get hold of some good trainer because everything can't be learned theoretically and you must be from IT...
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    Windows Re: windows 7 slooooooow

    make some some changes in the msconfig startup file and uncheck unwanted programs to load when system starts up. also make sure you sure keep deleting temp folder. find temp folder by typing %temp%...
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    Windows Re: Disasble Software Restriction Policy??

    go to start->run-> type gpedit.msc and enter -> you will can change some of restriction policy here.
    or go to my computer folder options check box simple file sharing enabled.
    I hope this solves...
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    Windows Re: How to enable/disable USB ports

    You can disable usb port from group policy settings for a particular user or
    either try to disable it from Bios setup settings.
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    Re: Boot from USB

    You can download a flashboot software from internet
    search for this query "make usb bootable xp" on google, I hope get some best results.
    link posting is not allowed, otherwise i could have pointed...
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    Windows Re: blue screen.

    Yes, you may be using an older version of windows operating system on latest platform and technology which your OS doesn't know about it. I had similar problems for my corei3 processor system. so i...
  22. Re: Which Certification is Benifical for Me.

    search for dot net certification on Microsoft or SQL server certification
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    Re: MCSE 2003 - Koenig review

    Yes, you can go for an Asian Institute because they will be inexpensive and they have enough good infrastructure labs to teach you good technical skills in MCSE2003. but please ask people from that...
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    Re: CCNP or RHCE

    CCNA is about managing cisco routers and no matter whichever domain you are from.
  25. Re: Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

    yes, you can prepare a good resume for your career. look for career change resumes on google and you will find a detail advice on how to prepare a resume for specific career and career change. also...
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