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  1. Re: how to verify searched results in a web portal??????

    Hi Nawab,

    thanks a lot for ur reply. i m still confused........plz give me a solution with an example of ""........i hav tired ur approach on "".....but unable to automate it.
  2. how to verify searched results in a web portal

    Hi all,

    i am working on a "search engine" with QTP 9.5. During automation i faced few problems.
    1- How to verify all the searched results on page 1 of a web portal in QTP?
    2- how to verify...
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    Creating an Output Value?????

    Hi all,

    What is the use of Text output value in QTP? How we can create "Text Output Value" in QTP???
  4. Answers

    Re: Browser compatiblity test using QTP???

    Thanks for ur answers.......but i m still confused. i tried lots of changes but nothing happen.

    i have changed "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" path to call different...
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    Browser compatiblity test using QTP???

    Hi all,

    Can we run the same script of a Web application on different browsers using QTP. if yes, then what modification should require in the script???
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    SDLC and STLc


    can anybody tell me, how we map sdlc nad stlc. this question is asked to me in an interview. mapping of stlc with sdlc??????????
  7. Diff bet Test Strategy, test plans and test case

    Hi all,

    can anybody tell me the differnece between Test Strategy, test plans and test case. plz give me practical examples. its urgent.......

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    Integration testing...?


    We are writing test cases for Integration testing as well as we get the Customers requirements.
    What is the difference between them .Please tell me.

    vikas goyal
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    Re: Let's define quality?

    Quality is about:

    > using what you learn to develop your organisation and its services
    > seeking to achieve continuous improvement
    > satisfying your stakeholders - those different people and...
  10. Re: Priority and severity

    thanks brijesh,

    can a software tester can decide priority and severity both or its the work of TL/PL/PM. see, if company logo is not clearly visible and we can not access inbox then which bug need...
  11. different Priority and severity bugs example

    Hi all,

    can anybody give me some practical examples for priority and severity.:confused:

    1. high priority and low severity
    2. low priority and high severity
    3. high priority and high...
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