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  1. Re: how to use multi check out options when two persons editing the same document at

    Can you be little bit clear in your question
  2. Re: GD-007 Which Software Test Model is Best to implement? Why?

    The model is created and designed according to the customer requirements.
    It depends on the criteria where th customer requirements can be full filled and also depending on that we can create our...
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    Re: Exception Testing

    Good Answer Sutnarcha
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    Re: SDLC and STLc

    Mapping with sdlc and stlc is done in V-Model.
    parllely the work will be done along with the development.
  5. Re: When I playback the same the file cannot be saved

    This code can help u some what.

    if (file_open("C:\\Untitled-Notepad",FO_MODE_READWRITE)==E_OK)
    type("Sample Test");
    menu_select_item("File";Save); # check...
  6. Re: How can I verify rediffmail page is correct one or not


    Before U use this script make sure that u have an web addin manager
    And also make sure that all the desired objects are recognized in GUI Map

    change the objects as it may varies...
  7. Re: Diff bet Test Strategy, test plans and test case

    I think test strategy acts as a corner stone for test plan. When to write/execute a test case we need certain test plan . Test strategy defines approach test plan is uses the approach and defines...
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    Re: Test Density

    defect density: assume defects found by our testers as "A" assume defects found by customer side people as "B" then defect density is as A/A+B
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    Re: Download QTP Interview Questions E-Book

    I am unable to download the zip file qtp.suggest me
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    Re: Automation through WinRunner

    Winrunner is a functional tool basically lean about gui maps first then go for recording modes then function generator then selective recording then rtsw then go for scripting any thing else u can...
  11. Re: Plz Any one tell my doubts in Testing

    1. test plan and uses cases from developers
    2.test strategy and methodology
    3.Fp and Loc
    4.step by step execution of test case
    5.both are same traceability we have TRM of 16 factors that...
  12. Re: Functional test cases and retesting effort doubts

    Functional Testing includes the functionality of testing where we do testing 80% in system testing

    in this we write test cases based on 3 scenarios
    1.Businees Test case -80%
    2.Input Domain...
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