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    Re: change in requirements

    PSA for sample test case document. Just go by "List to Net Calculation " sheet for test cases, rest are additional.

    some field names can be different as per your customization of QC.
  2. Re: how will u test an appln without requirements?

    This is the case with most of the application implemented using Agile methodology. Ideal way should be to go by "Scenario Based Testing" followed by "Exploratory Testing".

    We need to prepare...
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    Re: Test Cases not mapped to Requirements

    Hi Anitha,

    You should be able to get this information using Graph wizard. Please see attached screen shot to get the report.
  4. Re: Automate traceability from requirements to Test Cases


    I am also working on the same thing. According to my initial analysis, if i upload the test cases into requirements module of QC with the following hierarchy:

    -> Functional Requirement...
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