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    Display contents

    I have created a file in my directory, when I use ls -ltr, I can see the file name in the list of files in my directory, but when I use to display the contents by using cat filename command it say as...
  2. Oracle Re: Inserting nextval after sequence has reached maximum value

    yes,oracle will surely throw an error.
  3. SQL Re: diffrence between delete with commit and truct table

    yes interms,that u cannot get the previous data,that is delete
    is DML,truncate is DDL,if u give delete without commit u can get the previous data,but with truncate it will delete all the rows from...
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    Oracle Re: index-rebuilding

    Thank you for your suggestions,but can u tell me what will happen to that index which was in the table.
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    Oracle index-rebuilding

    I have a table in which i have a index for a column,now i delete all the rows
    from that table ,then i insert new rows into the same table.Now what will happen to the index of that table,should i...
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