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    PERL Re: PERL Language


    Perl has the power and flexibility of a high-level programming language such as
    C. In fact, as you will see, many of the features of the language are borrowed
    from C.
    Like shell script...
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    Re: Format for writting test cases

    Hi, pfa format for writting test cases. Yes it is very true that it changes company to company but more or less fields do not change. Project name: application prepared by: doc. Version no.: type of...
  3. Re: How many test cases you will test if u have 1000 test cases need to be executed i

    Hi, To decide how many test cases you are going to run, first you should find it out the dependancies of test cases. On the basis of dependancies reate those test cases against the defect severity...
  4. Re: Testing Techniques, Methodologies and Strategy


    Testing Techniques are broadly defined as white box and Black box what a technique means, it is a way to execute the testing can be manually or can be with the help of a tool.
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    Re: Define Software testing

    Software teststing is the most IMP activity in SDLC where by one can assure the correctness, completeness, and quality of the developed software.
    As known to eveyone that it is not possible to...
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    Re: Let's define quality?

    Quality is customer's satisfaction. It's for the first time and forever.
    Basically quality has certain parameters with respect to product, Delivery and Service bounded by Time limit.
  7. Sticky: Re: difference between test cases,test scenario,and test suite?


    A test case is a statement with some defined input/ output values for the function under test.
    A test scenario is a situation or a condition for which testing needs to be done.
    A test suit...
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    QTP Certification

    Hi this is Ajay here. I am working as a Software Test Consultant.
    I want to appear for QTP certification exam. Can somebody help me by providing notes or FAQs and/or URL from where I can access the...
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