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    JSP Re: Why We need JSP

    JSP is used for the design of a web page.The presentation(View) may always change in the real time applications like Google and all those,by using the JSPs as a presentation there is no need to...
  2. JSP Re: How Servlet handles more than 40 request

    No, The container won't create the 40 instance variables for 40 clients,it will create only one instance and create 40 threads based on that instance variable to handle the 40 requests.
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    JSP Re: Invoking JSP

    Create a folder(root folder) under that folder create a WEB-INF folder and place the .jsp files under the root folder.and place the root folder in webapps folder of the tomcat server.thts it.
  4. JSP Re: Share one session between two web Application

    In my view one session cann't share with two web applications.
  5. JSP Re: Why we need to avoid scriptlets in JSP

    as per the JSP Specification, it is highly recommended that the Tag Library be used in your web application to help reduce the need for scriptlets in your pages. If we use the tags ,it easier to read...
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    JSP Re: Can we have 2 Struts Config.xml file

    yes we can have the multtiple struts-config.xml under one application.
    but the name should be like anyname-config.xml.
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    JSP Re: Where should I write the JDBC code

    Do one thing write a simple java class and put all the JDBC code and use the class in servlets where u want.
    if you are using the application Servler better to use the Connection Pooling which...
  8. JSP Re: 2 Action Servlets in Struts Application

    In my view there is now two ActionServlets in Struts Application.
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