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  1. Re: How can i know that connected page is correct or not?

    Hai Babu,

    This is Vasu from Hyderabad, here the solution u test the application manually, means you are clicking on the respected link buttons according to their navigations, ok, here with the...
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    Re: What is a bug for WinRunner?

    Hai eiman,

    This is Vasu from hyderabad, first of all what is bug, the mistake which the tester found in the application while testing is called bug, Where that particular bug can be modified by...
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    Re: WinRunner Installation

    Hai Sowmya,

    This is Vasu from Hyderabad, the thing which u asked is only nothing but type of the installation we want , suppose if we are using our for our pc itself it is standalone only or if we...
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