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    PHP Re: php question

    shuffle() function is give the randumly array value from the given array.
    But there is no array_shuffle() function in the php.

    If you need string shuffle than there is str_shuffle() are there.
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    PHP Re: PHP Common functions..

    I Think pritz is right, But i will also add some more point, if you project have some same grid than you can make one common function for that & put them in the common file.
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    PHP Re: IP address

    If you want the IP adreess than use gethostbyaddr() & if you want to url than use gethostbyname() function.
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    PHP Re: difference between GET and POST method

    Hello Friend,

    POST & GET method is use for the transer the data from the one page to other page.

    If you you the GET method than whatever data you pass is passed through the URL...
  5. PHP Re: Best book for PHP Professional learning

    It's True, There is no limit for any php professional..
    But If you are Begginer for PHP than please go thorugh the Wrox PHP begginer book.
    & than Wrox PHP proffetional book..
    With PHP you must...
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