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    Re: How to test CICS, MainFrame applications?

    Hi All,

    As far as I know Hiperstation is one of the tool used for record and play CICS screen. I have got KT on that also, but i am unable to navigate to different options available in...
  2. Thread: Hiperstation

    by Pankajk


    If you are aware of Hiperstation (A mainframe Automation testing tool), Can you please let me know how to resolve this issue:

    Getting "SITE PROFILES MISSING" message each time I am trying to...
  3. Automation testing in Mainframe application using QTP

    Can we integrate a terminal emulator which has dynamic terminal id (Like - Web 3270) in QTP for Automation testing in Mainframe application?
  4. Automation testing using QTP in Mainframe application

    Dear All,
    Your help will be much appreciated on below issue.

    I am working in a Mainframe testing Project. In this project we are working on a change where different types of messages would be...
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