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  1. Is there a demand of skilled workforce in emerging economies?

    By emerging economies, I mean developing countries.
  2. Is there a validation that will stand me apart when applying for a new job?

    I want to ask is there a validation or some type of certification that will make me stand out when applying for a new job?
  3. Is there a way to future proof my paycheck?

    Can someone suggest a way to insure my job?
  4. New recruits are better and I am going to lose out on promotions. Any suggestions?

    My company now only hires new recruits from reputed B-schools with proper certifications. They were assigned the same task I do and they did it better than me. I fear I will lose out on promotions...
  5. Applying for position of Mid-Level HR Manager

    How to stand out from the crowd of applicants who are applying for the position of a mid-level HR Manager for a reputed company?
  6. Sitting on bench in an IT Company. No work.

    I am placed in an IT company through campus placement and currently sitting on the bench with no work. What should I do to upgrade my profile?
  7. Talent and profile upgrade in a Digital Marketing job

    I work for a Digital Marketing company and have a decent package. To my dismay there is no job upgrade in the company I work for and the profile is not challenging enough. What should I do so that I...
  8. Re: How to Upgrade my career in Digital Marketing

    Well, it depends upon several aspects.. Though you may find this article helpful.
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