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    Re: how to make exe file in .net?

    Hi friend u can create an exe file by using any one of the following methods.Try it and send me the reply.

    Method 1:
    The /target:exe option causes the compiler to create an...
  2. SQL Re: What is the difference between self join and outer join?

    Hi Swapna this is the answer for your question i think

    Outer joins return all rows from at least one of the tables or views mentioned in the FROM clause, as long as those rows meet any WHERE or...
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    Data Warehousing - Re: Informatica related

    Calling all the MS-OLAP objects at once will cause an error in the Analysis Services server and all the objects will be in the state of Unprocessed. The Informatica side has to call the dimensions...
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    Data Warehousing - Re: Informatica related

    Typically this occurs when one transaction has a lock on a resource that another transaction is trying to obtain. This can be resolved by managing the workload schedule
  5. SQL Server - Re: How can we delete the duplicate data from a database table?

    To delete the duplicate data you can use this sql query: method 1 :delete from categories where not in (select min( from categories as c where categories.category_name =...
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