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    Unix/Linux Re: Shell Scripting questions

    1. ps -eaf | wc -l
    2. who | sort -k 3 (sed is stream editor , you can edit file using sort)
    3. echo " This is Kunal ." | tr -d "[:space:]"
    echo " This is Kunal ." | tr -d ' '
    4. echo " this is...
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    Re: Why does testing fail?

    I dont agree with your comment ..
    Thinking of developer and Good tester is different..
    Developer always tries to make application work .
    Tester always tries to BREAK application. .
    (Tester can...
  3. Re: Can anyone suggest me what will be my resume

    Since from past 2 year you are workign on main frames and doing automation . So now you can decide your path..
    Either go for mainframe testing ...
    Or you can make QTP your strength and become...
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    Unix/Linux Re: hi pls suggest me

    Hi bhaski,
    either you can search for , basics of shell programming in google,
    or you can buy a book by Yashwant kanitkar (On shell programming) , black color book .. good book for starters
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    Re: TSL Scripting

    Hi manjula,

    its only a matter of week to learn TSL if you know C.
    1 day to know TSL and rest 6 days to get hands on exp on built-in functions.
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