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  1. Re: Cut off percentage for writting written test of Accenture

    i think it will be 60..just re confirm it once again
  2. Answers

    Re: Am I eligible for CSC

    u r very well eligible
  3. Answers

    Re: Data -driven testing in qtp

    Data Driven testing is nothing but passing parameters repeatedly and executing the same script with different values
    like if you see the below script,
    Dim url
    url = DataTable.Value...
  4. Re: What is the file extension of objects that get stored

    Extension for Recovery scenario will be stored as ".qrs"
  5. Re: Why HR and what made you to take up this field?

    Hi Harenee,
    You can go with this sort of answer like
    As i was already working in FrontDesk for many years i know handling people also i can mange people effectively as i have got very good...
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