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Thread: Virtual Users in Loadrunner

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    Virtual Users in Loadrunner

    > How many Virtual users can be generated in Loadrunner?(Maximum). Is that depends on Loadrunner Liscense?

    > How many Virtual users can be generated in a Load-Generator machine of 1 GB RAM?

    > Do we need to have different machines for Controller, Monitor and Load generator (3 different machines)? So that we can have enough memory for different activities?

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    Re: Virtual Users in Loadrunner


    The total number of virtual users generated will depend upon the licence of the Load Runner.

    In the trail version we can generate a maximum of 10 virtual users, which is valid for a month.

    If Controller, Monitor and Load generator are situated in different machines you can use memory for other activities.


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    Re: Virtual Users in Loadrunner

    Hi there,

    I am new to Load Runner and testing. I want to know how to set the options which in Preferences of Runtime settings for multiple users at a time. I want to change the step download timeout from 120 to 300, I know how to do it for single user, but when I select multiple users and share the Runtime settings, options button of Preferences is disabled and I can't select it.

    We have 200 users who create purchase order in SAP and right now we have created 200 users , we just want to create one users and then set the tool to be able to emulate 200 users. Is this possible

    Can anyone please help?


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