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Thread: what is the differance b/w c# and vb

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    Question what is the differance b/w c# and vb

    hi, i want to know what is the differance b/w c# and vb.

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    Re: what is the differance b/w c# and vb

    Hi Swati,

    The basic difference between two programming languages is syntactical (keywords, language construct etc).

    For more u can go through Microsoft whitepaper

    ---V V---
    Vikas Vaidya

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    Re: what is the differance b/w c# and vb

    hi!! swati , c# is object oriented language which is used to devlop a program in dot net environment where as vb is object based language. is used for developing an application in dot net environment which is object oriented extension of classic vb.

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    Re: what is the differance b/w c# and vb

    Since your asking about C#, I will make the assumption that your also asking about VB.Net.

    C# uses the 'c structure' when coding. Learning and programming in c# has a big advantage as this will help you learn c++ or c much easier. But you would likely only use c if your writing quick apps or programs which would be loaded on a chip.

    VB.Net uses the 'basic structure' when coding. You can leverage this for programming VBA (visual basic for applications) which is used in Word and Excel, and VBS (visual basic script). Visual Studio does a pretty decent job of HIDING some things from you when programming in VB. How events are wired up on VB appear simple when you compare them to C#'s delegates.

    In the end I would suggest actually spending time on both, but C# seems like the more commonly used language.

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    Re: what is the differance b/w c# and vb

    c# is foundation language fot entire dot net platform .
    C# is object oriented language which supprt dont. frame work pages which is used in distributed programming ado .net for used data acesing with help of c# without c# .net framework is uncomplete .
    otherside vb is language which provide gui tools for windows application like controls addbutoon ,radio buton vb was selected in .net frame work for tools utilization

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