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Thread: what is asap methodelogies

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    what is asap methodelogies

    what is asap methodelogies

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    Re: what is asap methodelogies

    AcceleratedSAP methodology is proven, repeatable and successful approach to implement SAP solutions
    It provides content, tools and expertise from thousands of successful implementations.
    It consists of 5 phases:-
    1)Project Preparation
    2)Business Blueprint
    4)Final Preparation
    5)Go Live & Support

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    Hi accelerated sap is standard sap project implementation methodology defined by sap. It contains the road map step by step guide that incorporates experience from many years of implementing sap r/3. Asap contains multitude of tools, accelerators and useful information to assist all project implementation team members. Quality checks are incorporated at the end of each project phase to monitor key deliverable and critical success factors. Asap divides sap r/3 project implementation process in five phases and offers detail project plans to assist the team. Project phases - 1] project preparation 2] business blue print 3] realization 4] final preparation 5] go live & support. Warm regards ,

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