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Thread: Import export

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    Import export

    How to export and import database for a particular user or schema ?

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    Re: Import export

    The Oracle export (EXP) and import (IMP) utilities are used to perform logical database backup and recovery. They are also used to move Oracle data from one machine, database or schema to another.

    First goto command prompt.

    Check whether bin path is set correctly or not. Otherwise set the bin path.
    Ex:- path = d:\ora_home\bin

    Then to export data use the following syntax.

    exp scott/tiger file=emp.dmp log=emp.log tables=emp indexes=no

    Here scott/tiger are username and password from which data is to be exported.

    File is the dump file name. If you want to export entire database tables option is not required. If you want to export a particular table then give tables= tablename.

    To import the data use the following syntax

    imp scott/tiger file=emp.dmp fromuser=scott touser=scott tables=dept full =n

    To import entire dump set full = y. To import a particular table, specify the table name then set full =n.

    To get help regarding IMP and EXP go to BIN path of orahome then type

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    Re: Import export

    To import the full database
    imp SYSTEM/password FULL=y FIlE=dba.dmp

    To import just the dept and emp tables from the scott schema
    imp SYSTEM/password FIlE=dba.dmp FROMUSER=scott TABLES=(dept,emp)

    To import tables and change the owner
    imp SYSTEM/password FROMUSER=blake TOUSER=scott FILE=blake.dmp TABLES=(unit,manager)

    To import just the scott schema
    imp / FIlE=scott.dmp

    To export the entire database to a single file dba.dmp in the current directory.
    - Login to server

    exp SYSTEM/password FULL=y FILE=dba.dmp LOG=dba.log CONSISTENT=y
    exp SYSTEM/password PARFILE=params.dat

    where params.dat contains the following information


    To dump a single schema to disk (we use the scott example schema here)
    - Login to server which has an Oracle client
    exp / FIlE=scott.dmp OWNER=scott

    To export specific tables to disk.
    - Login to server which has an Oracle client
    exp SYSTEM/password FIlE=expdat.dmp TABLES=(scott.emp,hr.countries)
    -the above command uses two users : scott and hr

    exp / FILE=scott.dmp TABLES=(emp,dept)
    the above is only for one user

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