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Thread: progression testing

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    Thumbs up progression testing

    waht is the progression testing
    i want to know that 1
    one of my friend faced this in interview

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    Re: progression testing

    Progress + regression dear........................

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    Re: progression testing

    Iam sasikanth
    I asked this question on 2days back
    I found the answer
    This aswer helps to every one I think

    Progression testing------------>Progress+Regression Testing

    It is a Tool from 1.WORKSOFT (US) and 2.VERIZON

    It provides tyical wholesale ordering scenario's and the corresponding messages for the release new functionality.

    It supports forward progress of your application functionality without risking regression errors. In combination with the Worksoft Certify test automation solution, it:

    Allows test cases for new features to be documented and automated in one easy step, before the code is delivered
    and without requiring technical coding skills
    Provides a seamless transition from new features to a cumulative inventory of regression tests so test coverage can
    keep pace with functionality
    Stores test assets in a relational database that enables instant impact analysis of new features on existing tests and
    automatically updates them
    Empowers all stakeholders in the software quality process to take advantage of test automation
    Results in a test asset repository that combines the knowledge of both application and quality experts from the
    business and IT
    Delivers end to end testing across platforms, applications and technologies with a single interface and solution
    The result? Comprehensive test coverage that delivers higher quality applications with confidence, on time and within budget.

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    Re: progression testing

    Hi sasi akkala,

    That is a very nice information regarding progression testing.

    Thanks a lot..


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