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Thread: What are Business Activities

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    What are Business Activities

    Business Activities

    Business Activities refer the component of information technology
    infrastructure representing all the business activities in a company
    whether they are manual or automated. Business activities utilize all
    data resources and platform resources in order to performing specific
    tasks and duties of the company. For a company to survive in the


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    Re: What are Business Activities

    Interaction with business and external organisations plays a vital role in the school of informatics. This extends to teaching, research, knowledge transfer and enterprise creation. Our research work spans a range of industry sectors and application domains. Businesses can commission and fund research directly or can part-fund research in collaboration with one of the uk or european funding bodies such as the economic and social research council (esrc), the engineering and physical sciences research council (epsrc) or eu framework programmes. Businesses can also engage with advanced doctoral research through cooperative awards in science and engineering (case) or engd awards. A small amount of funding from business enables the university to leverage a fully funded three-year scholarship. Knowledge transfer plays an important role in the school and is funded by the department of trade and industry's knowledge transfer programme. Innovation or expertise resulting from university research can be incorporated into your business process, product or service. Informatics has a successful track record of enterprise creation resulting from the activities of both staff and students. Our master of enterprise (ment) course enables students to develop a proof of concept prototype and a business proposal under the guidance of both academic and business mentors. Informatics generates a large number of disclosures each year and several spin-off companies have been created. Our ment mentors and other 'friends of informatics' also play an important role in guiding our enterprise work.

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