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Thread: GUI Testcase

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    GUI Testcase

    Test Case

    GUI contains 2 fields

    Field 1 to accept the value of x and
    Field 2 displays the result of the formula a+b/c-d where a=0.4*x, b=1.5*a, c=x, d=2.5*b;

    Show the test cases you would write to test this scenario.

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    Re: GUI Testcase


    Please find listed below some of the possible cases.

    Enter a valid Positive Number as 'x'. It could be a whole Number or a fraction. Expected - Field 2 should display output as per formula,

    Enter a Negative number as 'x'.
    Expected - Field 2 should display correct result as per formula calculation.

    Enter Field 1 as 0.
    Expected - Field 2 should also display result as 0.

    Leave Field 1 blank.
    Expected 2 - System should display an error message and not calculate any value in Field 2.

    Enter Alphanumeric or Textual characters in Field 1.
    Expected - System should display an error message but functionality should not fail.

    Check if you could directly edit Field 2 after formula calculation. In sense whether you could manually change the result of calculation.

    You could add to this list based on some more ideas....


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    Re: GUI Testcase

    Hi Umesh,

    You have given almost all the scenarios for the formula given by Vinesh. But a small change in the Test case 3:

    If you enter the input for Field 1 as 0,
    Then Expected result is - The system should throw an error message since "zero divided by zero is infinite" and Field 2 should display either no value or as "Infinite"


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    Re: GUI Testcase

    Thanks Sridhar....

    Too Much work is the cause I guess


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    Re: GUI Testcase

    i have a small doubt here..
    do we need to check the field lenght here?
    I mean the max length accepted by Filed1??

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    Re: GUI Testcase

    Hi Animesh,

    Yes we can also test the Length of the Field 1 and Field 2 also, if there is a specification stating that the length of the field is limited to certain digits.


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    Re: GUI Testcase

    Thanks ganesan

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