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Thread: Record skype video and audio.

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    Record skype video and audio.

    SkypeCap is the complete resource for capturing and recording Skype audio and video sessions in real time.
    Have you ever wanted to save your Skype sessions so that you could see or hear them again later or share them with someone else? Now you can with SkypeCap! Have you ever missed information during a session and wish that you had a rewind button? Now you do with SkypeCap!

    Catch: You will have to install when the download is available. Installation will not work after the deal is closed. All are full working versions if you install on the same day.

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    Re: Record skype video and audio.

    I record Skype with SkypeCap....

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    Re: Record skype video and audio.

    I use thtek skype recorder. is there any difference between these two?

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