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Thread: Close Command prompt using Vbscript

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    Close Command prompt using Vbscript

    How to close the Command prompt using Vbscript

    Using batch file i am opening the any application by mentioning the path but that application is opening along with command prompt also showing. please let me know how to close the command prompt not an application

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    Re: Close Command prompt using Vbscript

    Try this:

    Sub cmdClose()
    Dim oCMD
    Set oCMD=GetObject("")
    Set oCMD=Nothing
    End Sub

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    Re: Close Command prompt using Vbscript

    hei it is not working in my machine...I have XP...

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    Re: Close Command prompt using Vbscript

    it is giving a runtime error..

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    Re: Close Command prompt using Vbscript


    This works for me on using it after writing the script for closing all the unwanted application. Let me know, for your testing it helps or not. I am waiting...

    Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set oWmg = GetObject("winmgmts:")

    strWndprs = "select * from Win32_Process where name='cmd.exe'"
    Set objQResult = oWmg.Execquery(strWndprs)

    For Each objProcess In objQResult

    intReturn = objProcess.Terminate(1)


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    Nice work man...
    GR8 work done...
    Its working.....

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