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Thread: Test techniques Vs Test methodology

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    Test techniques Vs Test methodology

    What is the difference between test techniques and test methodology?

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    Re: Test techniques Vs Test methodology

    Test technique is used for writing test cases. Normally these techniques are used to make the test case more effective with less number of test cases. Techniques generally used in black box testing are
    1.Bva - boundary value analysis
    2.Error guessing
    3.Equivalent partitioning

    Testing techniques used in white box testings
    1. Simple loop
    2. Nested loop
    3. Concatenated loop
    4. Unstructured loop
    5. Condition testing
    6. Data flow

    Testing test strategy - is nothing but the plan for doing the testing process, it tells abouts the scope, objectives, testing tool selection, deliverables. Etc - an over all picture how we are going to carry out the testing activities

    hope this is clear

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    Re: Test techniques Vs Test methodology

    Test methodology: Is nothing but test strategy. How we are going to test the application.

    How we are going to test the application?

    To now this we need to know about the test factor.
    Do we need to do only functional testing? Then how to do the functional testing
    We need to go for Manual Testing or Automation
    If automation?
    Is there any tool available? If available how to use it testing tool.

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