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Thread: Scenerios for high severity low priority

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    Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Hi friends

    can somebody give scenarios for low priority and high severity and high priority and low severity?

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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Please find enlisted a few scenarios -
    High Priority but Low Severity
    • While Developing a site for Pepsi, by mistake a logo sign of coke is embedded. This does not affect functionality in any way but has high priority to be fixed.

    • Any typo mistakes or glaring spelling mistakes on home page which are discovered during UAT testing.

    Low Priority but High Severity
    • Incase application works perfectly for 50000 sessions but beings to crash after higher number of sessions. This problem needs to be fixed but not immediately.

    • Any report generation not getting completed 100% - Means missing Title, Title Columns but having proper data enlisted. We could have this fixed in the next build but missing report columns is a High Severity defect.

    Some might consider Numeric field level validations also as Low Priority but High Severity defects coz when valid data is entered functionality proceeds correctly. But incase of wrong value entry application could crash as well if no error trapping is not provided.


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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Hi sanjeev,

    Inter-relate the examples given by Umesh with the definitions below you will find the things very easy to understand:

    Defect Severity:
    Severity is the seriousness of the defect or bug in terms of functionality. Severity is usually set by the QA team to intimate the Development team

    The severity of defects is classified as follows:

    Critical The problem prevents further processing and testing.

    High The problem affects selected processing to a significant degree, making it inoperable, Cause data loss, or could cause a user to make an incorrect decision or entry.

    Medium The problem affects selected processing, but has a work-around that allows continued processing and testing. No data loss is suffered. These may be cosmetic problems that hamper usability or divulge client-specific information.

    Low The problem is cosmetic, and/or does not affect further processing and testing.

    Defect Priority:
    Priority tells us how soon it is desired to fix the problem. Priority is the importance of defect in terms of customer's requirements.

    Priority is set by the Business / Development Lead for the Development team to prioritize in fixing the defects

    High Must fix the problem NOW (All other defect fixing tasks take least preference). Problem is blocking further progress in this area.

    Medium Should fix the problem soon, before product release

    Low Fix the problem if time permits; somewhat trivial. May be postponed

    Note: There are different ways of representing the Priority and Severity based on the project requirement.

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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    very useful info!!!!!!!!!thanks

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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Since bizzzzzare has already mentioned the two cases, I will take a shot at the other two, for readers who want to learn more..

    3. Low Priority, Low Severity
    Suppose your application (web) is made up of 20 pages. On one of the pages out of the 20 which is visited very infrequently, there is a sentence with a grammatical error. Now, even though itís a mistake on this expensive website, users can understand its meaning without any difficulty. This bug may go unnoticed to the eyes of many and won't affect any functionality or the credibility of the company.

    4. High Priority, High Severity
    Now assume a windows-based application, a word-processor letís say. As you open any file to be viewed it in, it crashes. Now, you can only create new files but as you open them, the word-processor crashes. This completely eliminates the usability of that word-processor as you canít come back and edit your work on it, and also affects one of the major functionalities of the application. Thus, itís a severe bug and should be fixed immediately.

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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Hi sanjeev, the bug severity and priority is depends on the testing type which we are couducting.
    Here i will give example of defferent types of testings.
    Suppose ok button is labled as oke :
    for gui testing : it is high priority and low severity
    for ui testing: it is high priority and high severity
    for functional testing: it is low priority and low severity
    for cosmetic testing: it is low priority and high sevirity
    Arun Singh Rajaputra
    Software Test Engineer

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    Re: Scenerios for high severity low priority

    Defect having any critical functional related issues we can say High severity
    where as defects having less impact over functionality can be treated as low seveiority.

    But I also like to know various combinations of high severity with low priority & vice-versa

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