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Thread: Add value to my career

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    Add value to my career


    I am a BCA Graduate + Multimedia, I am a web cum graphic designer know bit of .net coding for about 3.5 yrs now. I want to know is there anything i can do to add value to my career in future or maybe a post graduate degree ..if yes then what? or something that will make be feel secure in the future? Requesting for your advice..

    Question asked by visitor Nirupam Burman

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    Re: Add value to my career

    hello to all members

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    Re: Add value to my career

    Hi Nirupama,
    its a gud thing to hear you have such keen interest to build your career best out of this competitive market. really its appreciable. btw its evident that u have had enough hands on technical part. May be u can now concentrate on Management skills like Process standardisation. We are people who doesn have gud standards of executing a process. For that matter, you can refer to Japanese Philosophies and other to build urself on quality concepts, process management and so.. start looking ur career as a good leader who can deliver the best things in the market.

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